New ideas and high technologies, as well as leadership in engineering design and production of lubricants are the main concept of our company.
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- substitutions or development of new equivalents for almost any expensive lubricant from the world's leading manufactures

- new lubricants created to your specifications

- new lubricants for sale under your brand name


We mastered the technology of adding coloring high-temperature agents to mineral and most synthetic plastic lubricants.
In accordance with the approved testing program from June 22, 2014 through July 20, 2015, Gazprom dobycha Yamburg LLC, performed pilot and field testing of TOMFLON SAG 230 lubricant.

On request from JSC SPE firm "Voskhod", the leading Russian producer of bread-making equipment, we developed a high-viscosity- and heat-resistant oil for chains and reduction gear boxes, instead of previously used Castrol Viscogen KL oil.

Within the company’s accreditation program of the Laboratory on the premises of “Fluoropolimer Technologies Ltd”, we commenced the implementation of the Laboratory Quality Management System.
As part of Import Substitution Program, in the 4-th quarter of 2014 we put into operation a new pilot-plant equipment for production of complex synthetic lubricants.
JSC "ELDIN", city of Yaroslavl, performed testing of TSIATIM-221F lubricant (Technical Specifications 0254-030-12435252-04), manufactured by “Fluoropolimer Technologies Ltd”. 
As part of the current production expansion, we put in service a prefab building with the total area of 400 square meters.
We commenced the production of TOMFLON PNG-260V sealing compound for gas fittings. This sealing compound was developed following the request of ОАО "Tomskoblgaz", subsidiary of Gazprom, to replace the solid locomotive lubricant.

We developed Tomflon KSB conductive grease in response to request from Russian customers looking for the reliable alternative to KSB-1 from Azmol Ltd., which has been experiencing supply interruption.
We have introduced improved technologies for achieving the Tomflon® fraction with average partical size of aproximetly 1 micron, as well as for reducing the average bulk density of the powder from 250 g/l to 220 g/l.
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