New ideas and high technologies, as well as leadership in engineering design and production of lubricants are the main concept of our company.
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- substitutions or development of new equivalents for almost any expensive lubricant from the world's leading manufactures

- new lubricants created to your specifications

- new lubricants for sale under your brand name


About company
About company
Fluoropolimer Technologies Ltd. is the exclusive manufacturer of PTFE lubricants in Russia. Аt the beginning of 2005 Fluoropolimer Technologies was established as a separate corporate entity by means of reorganization of the scientific and production subdivision of Tomimpex JSC, which had been responsible for development and production of PTFE micro- and nanopowders since 2001. As a newly established organization, Fluoropolimer Technologies developed an entire series of Tomflon® brand PTFE greases for various industries in a relatively short time.
One of our first clients, Sinarsky Pipe Works JSC, has used our Tomflon® SM180 grease for imported equipment since 2004 instead of Interflon Fin Grease MP 2/3. While the service life and performance characteristics of the greases are approximately the same, Tomflon® SM180 is almost three times cheaper than Interflon Fin Grease MP 2/23. By applying Tomflon® SM 180 instead of Shell Albida EP-2 grease to the shaft bearings of its annealing oven, the Veda-Pak CJSC (Kingisepp) was able to increase the interval between bearing lubrications from 1.5 months to 5 months.
In 2005, we developed Tomflon® MT60, Tomflon® EPC10 and Tomflon® EPM50 greases for TRANSNEFT to use in the gears of electric motor reduction drives that operate the shutoff valves on the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline (currently under construction). We were faced with the complex problem of developing greases that can operate at temperatures as low as -60°С while withstanding output torque between 100 Nm to 50 000 Nm.
In 2006, Kuzbassrazrezugol (KZRU), the largest Russian open-pit coal mine operator, began using our Tomflon® SM 140 UE grease in the electric motors of its big mining shovels. The grease performed well, and by the beginning of 2009 the company was using Tomflon® SM 140 UE on more than 2000 equipment units. Tomflon® SM 140 UE is used in electric motors at a number of metallurgical plants, including Severstal and VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of titanium.
Gazprom, the world’s largest gas company, became our client in 2007. Gazprom uses Tomflon® NG220 and Tomflon® SAG230 greases for shut-off valves in oil and gas fields with a high concentration of hydrogen disulfide. Our sealing greases can be substituted for sealing greases from such manufacturers as Backer Hughes Inc., Valves Inc. and JET–LUBE Inc.
Our high temperature silicon oil greases for the food industry are gaining in distribution. In terms of the price-to-quality ratio, they are considerably superior to similar imports. Today more than 60 Russian food industry enterprises use our greases in various types of wafer baking and pastry ovens.
Currently Fluoropolimer Technologies Ltd. produces approximately 40 types of Tomflon® lubricants that are used by more than 700 Russian companies.
In all Tomflon greases micronized powders of PTFE of our own production is used, brand named Tomflon. We produces powders with particle size from 0.5 to 5 microns, which, upon contact with wearing surfaces, form an ultra thin and very smooth lubricating film with extremely effective and long-lasting dynamic friction reduction.
Tomflon® lubricants greatly reduce friction, lubricant consumption rates and lubrication work while prolonging machinery service life.

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