New ideas and high technologies, as well as leadership in engineering design and production of lubricants are the main concept of our company.
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- substitutions or development of new equivalents for almost any expensive lubricant from the world's leading manufactures

- new lubricants created to your specifications

- new lubricants for sale under your brand name


A new grease with tailor-made properties
It’s widely known, that mass production with all its advantages, has one very significant disadvantage – the inevitable unification of the final product. In other words, manufacturers endeavor to create a universal lubricant, that could meet minimum requirements of the maximum number of buyers. As a result of this policy, there is an increase in lubricant cost because it might have properties that are not needed for specific consumers. At the same time, this lubricant might have poor properties and fail to meet the needs of specific production.
Our company’s top priority is to resolve this issue. Due to the great scientific potential of our home region and our production line flexibility, we are able to resolve the task on creation of a new grease with tailor-made properties for specific consumers within the short-time frame.
The pattern of cooperation with potential customers is quite simple. All you need to do is:
  1. Fill in the specification attached and send it via fax +7(3822) 58-40-30 or e-mail:
  2. We will manufacture and deliver you free of charge 1-2 kg of a lubricant, developed as per technical enquiry to conduct tests.
  3. If tests are successful we will manufacture 10-20 kg for your company to confirm successful results of tests.
  4. In case if you are interested in further cooperation we include requirements of your company in our production program.

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